About Us

At Rawa we believe in the beauty of silver jewelry and unique pieces. Our goal is to share with the world the traditional crafts of Peru. All of our jewelry is carefully crafted by artisans, who have honed their skills passed down from generation to generation. Our range of jewelry is rooted in Peruvian culture and reflects our passion for the old and the new, the vibrant and the subtle.

Our mission

At Rawa we are dedicated to connecting our customers around the world with authentic Peruvian jewelry. We are committed to ensuring that the artisans with whom we work hand in hand receive fair wages and benefits and that our customers experience the best quality artisan jewelry in Peru.

Our vision

We aspire to spread the beauty of handcrafted jewelry around the world and help preserve the unique story behind each piece. We will use our commitment to quality to be leaders in promoting the most exquisite Peruvian jewelry. Thus promoting sustainable growth hand in hand with our artisans.